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Florida Fishermen Find Giant Squid

Fishermen find 23-foot long squid off Florida's Atlantic coast



    A 23-foot squid was caught in the waters off South Florida. (Published Tuesday, June 28, 2011)

    Several people were fishing over the weekend just off Florida's Atlantic coast when they pulled up a 23-foot long squid. 

    They say they were fishing about 12 miles offshore from Port Salerno when they saw the squid, WPTV reported.
     "We pulled up... thought it was something to fish on, a pallet or something like that. We looked at it, all three of us were like 'holy mackerel,' " Robert Benz told WPTV.
    The squid’s body is about 11 feet long, and its tentacles were so long, it barely fit into the 23-foot long boat.
    “Nobody believes a fisherman," said Benz.  "It didn't seem it had been dead long, the tentacles were still moving and it was sticking to you when we got it in.
    Director of Education and Exhibits at the Florida Oceanographic Society Ellie Van Os said such a find is not common. 
    "It's foreign to imagine that there's an animal with 8 arms and 2 tentacles that are twice as long as the arms and their mouth is in the middle of their arms... and big eyes."
    The squid was transported to the Florida Museum of National History for further study.