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Robbers Pose as Cops, Invade Home

Several robbers posing as cops invade a West Palm Beach Home



    Robbers Pose as Cops, Invade Home

    A girl calls 911 after escaping a home invasion robbery in her West Palm Beach home.

    According to the report, several individuals came banging on the door last night stating they were officers. The armed intruders, dressed as cops, were able to force their way into the home and began barking orders at the mother and father. The daughter was able to escape through a bedroom window and call police.

    The robbery was still in progress when police arrived. The intruders were exiting the residence when they encountered deputies, and ran back inside the home. One of the suspects was fatally shot when he ran to his car and tried to drive towards the officers.

    The man was later identified as 24-year-old Jamar Anderson.

    Another suspect was taken into custody, and a third is still at large.

    At least three weapons and police-type gear were recovered at the scene. The victims are all okay.

    NBC Miami will bring you updates as additional information becomes available.