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Mom Charged With Child Abuse for Cheering Girl Fight

Video taped girl fight lands mom in the slammer



    Nobody wants their child to lose, but a Florida mom is in trouble for being her teen daughter's corner man during a fight that was posted on YouTube.

    April Newman was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse after Manatee County deputies said she can be heard on a video cheering her daughter on during a fight with another girl.

    "Alright Sara! Come on, baby. Get up," Newman alleged is overheard saying as her daughter is being pummeled on the ground by another teen girl. "Come on, baby. Let's go."

    Newman probably should have been saying "Stop. Don't do that. Break it up," but she must have got caught up in the action.

    The fight took place in an open field with dozens of kids watching and apparently some interested parents. Another adult can be seen walking into the video frame as a boy narrates the cat fight.

    Sara eventually gets and lands a few good knees to her opponents head as mommy dearest continues to cheer lead. The fight ends abruptly as the cops show up and everyone scrambles.

    Police questioned some of the teens who didn't get away and they identified Newman as the motherly role model screaming in the video.

    It's unclear who was declared the winner, but it's pretty evident who the loser is.