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Mystery Monkey Might Mate in Tampa Area Zoo

A monkey who spent four years on the lam may have a new mate.



    Mystery Monkey Might Mate in Tampa Area Zoo
    A rhesus macaque much like this one may have found his mate after four years on the run in the Tampa Bay area.

    The ex-fugitive primate known as the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay may soon be putting his lonesome journey behind him.

    Zoo officials at Dade City's Wild Things have located a female monkey that they hope will make a suitable companion for Cornelius, who captivated the public with his four-year run from wildlife officials in Pinellas County.

    The Tampa Bay Times reports that zoo officials and wildlife trappers searched nationally for a female companion, which they say is essential for the monkey's continued well-being.

    The female monkey, whose origins zoo officials declined to disclose, is a perfect match because of her age and social habits.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    She's quarantined for now as veterinarians conduct blood tests and other examinations to make sure she is healthy enough to be introduced to Cornelius.

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