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South Florida Tragedy Gets Cable TV Exposure

1998 Murder Revisited



    Serial Killer Profiled on Documentary

    A Broward County murder case will get national exposure thanks to Investigation Discovery channel. (Published Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011)

    "I did not do this, what they're talking about," Lucious Boyd said to reporters on the day Broward Sheriff's Office deputies arrested him in 1999.

    Boyd never confessed, but a jury convicted him of murder and sent hm to death row for the gruesome killing of 21-year-old Dawnia Dacosta back in 1998.

    Prosecutors said the 52-year-old Boyd's DNA was on Dacosta's body.  

    Now the Investigation Discovery channel is bringing the case back to light with an episode of the documentary show, "The Nightmare Next Door."

    "In all my years working homicides for the Broward Sheriff's Office, this was one of the worst, most sadistic murders I've been a part of," said Sgt. Glenn Bukata, who was the lead detective on the case.

    Bukata told NBC Miami the show does a good job telling the story of Dacosta's abduction and murder.

    The young woman was a nursing student, devoted to her family and church. She was returning from a late-night church service on Dec. 5, 1998 when her car broke down, authorities said. 

    A clean-cut man driving a church van offered assistance. Dacosta accepted, and was never seen alive again, prosecutors told a jury.

    Boyd dumped her blood-soaked body behind a garbage bin in Oakland Park two days later, police said.

    "When he was raping her, she was alive. When he was taunting her with 36 stab wounds to the chest, she was alive. When he killed her by stabbing her in the head with a screwdriver, she finally died," Bukata said.

    To this day, authorities in two counties believe Boyd is a serial killer. He was convicted of one murder, acquitted of another, and he's suspected in at least two more.

    Detectives investigated the possibility that Boyd was disposing of his victims' bodies at his family's funeral home in Fort Lauderdale, but never found enough supporting evidence.

    They did find the identification card belonging to a woman murdered in West Palm Beach on the Boyd Funeral Home property.

    That wasn't enough, they said, to pin that crime on him as well.

    "He's up there with the Ted Bundy sickness," Bukata said.

    The documentary on this case airs on Investigation Discovery Thursday night at 10pm.