ACORN Members in Hot Water Over Voter Registration Fraud

Eleven members of the organization have been arrested for "numerous discrepancies" on registration cards

Whoever said Homestead was devoid of star power obviously didn't know that Paul Newman and James Taylor lived in Homestead.

Unfortunately, you wouldn't have caught either at Robert is Here.

Arrest warrants have been issued for eleven members - seven of which are reportedly already in custody -- of the Association of Cummunity Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) on charges of falsifying information on voter registration cards before last year's presidential election, according to the Miami Herald.  

Republicans accused ACORN of committing fraud during their voter registration blitz nationwide, Florida included. However, ACORN said they had alerted authorities on their own after finding "numerous discrepancies" on 888 of 1,400 voter cards in Homestead. Those discrepancies included non-existent voters, including Paul Newman and James Taylor, and several cards for the same real voter.

"Over the last five years thousands of dedicated people have worked or volunteered with Florida ACORN and succeeded in helping hundreds of thousands of Florida citizens -- especially African-Americans, Latinos, low-income and young people -- to apply to become registered voters," ACORN board member Leroy Bell wrote in response to the arrests. "Fortunately, our quality control managers and the systems we developed ensured their ability to spot the isolated wrongdoing by these 11 workers who tried to pass off phony forms instead of doing their work."

State Attorney Katherine Fernández Rundle said that if it wasn't for ACORN alerting authorities about the fraud, it may have never been exposed, and that the fraud could not have impacted the voting process.

"Nonetheless," Rundle said, "we cannot turn a blind eye to this."


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