Bahamas Bar Owner From South Florida Murdered in Bimini

Alain Perez, the owner of Bimini Big John's in Alice Town, was shot multiple times at his Bimini Bay home early Sunday

Bahamian authorities are investigating the murder of the South Florida owner of a popular Bahamas tourist bar who was gunned down at his home in Bimini over the weekend.

Alain Perez, the owner of Bimini Big John's in Alice Town, was shot multiple times at his Bimini Bay home early Sunday, Royal Bahamas Police Superintendent Henry Rolle confirmed to NBC 6.

Perez, a 47-year-old native of Miami-Dade, has been living on the island for several years, Rolle said in a phone interview Monday.

"He's well known in the community, well known to all the residents here, so I cannot say that we have a direct motive for anyone who would want to take his life," Rolle said.

Rolle said officers responded to Perez's home around 1 a.m. Sunday after they received reports of gunfire. The officers found Perez has been shot several times.

Before he died from his injuries, Perez told officers that someone had come to his door and when he answered it, the person shot him, Rolle said. Rolle said there were no signs of a forced entry.

"He received a frantic knocking on his door, so he imagined that it was one of his friends coming back to tell him something," friend Juan Carrera told NBC 6.

Rolle said Perez is believed to have been at the restaurant until late Saturday night. Officers were interviewing witnesses who had been at the restaurant that night, Rolle said.

Perez's body was brought to the coroner at New Providence, and family members were in the Bahamas to eventually bring his body back to South Florida, Rolle said.

Rolle called the killing an "isolated incident" and said a murder on the island was rare.

"For the most part it's very quiet, some weeks we go without any disturbance on the island, everybody's friendly," Rolle said.

A family member told NBC 6 Perez had three children.

"It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the heart and soul of Bimini Big John’s has been taken from us too soon. A Cuban-American immigrant, business owner, son, brother and a father of 3 was known as the most selfless human being," the restaurant wrote in a Facebook post Monday. "We pray for justice and may the memory of Alain Perez live in our hearts and his legacy live on forever. The family thanks everyone for their love and support throughout difficult time."

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