South Florida

Arnold Abbott Makes Court Appearance in Homeless Feeding Case

Advocate Arnold Abbott was in a South Florida courtroom Wednesday as he continues to fight charges for feeding Fort Lauderdale's homeless.

The 90-year-old said it wasn't his first time in Broward County court but it was his first time there for breaking a law.

“It’s my first time as a defendant, it’s a different experience," Abbott said. "I’ve been here as a juror and I don’t know what to expect.”

Abbott was scheduled for an arraignment but his lawyer never entered a plea, instead asking for and receiving a 30-day delay.

Abbott was in court Tuesday for a separate case related to the homeless feeding battle. The judge handling that case ordered a 30-day stay and has asked that Abbott and his legal team try to work things out with city officials outside court.

“I assured the city the only way we are going to resolve this is through the court system and it’s begun and I’m prepared to go all the way through," Abbott said.

Abbott was cited last month for violating the city's ordinance that restricts feeding the homeless outdoors.

If down the road he’s found guilty for feeding people without a home, the penalty could result in a 60-day jail sentence. Abbott said they may not want him in jail.

"I’d like to look it over sometime, I don’t think they’d want me there," he said.

Arnold said he's also preparing a meal for the homeless Wednesday night on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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