Billboard Debate Over Wife's Hotness Settled

South Florida air conditioning companies end heated feud

Two South Florida air conditioning companies locked in a months-long billboard battle over the hotness of wives has finally been settled.

When Air Around the Clock put up a billboard in January exclaiming, "YOUR WIFE IS HOT -- BETTER GET YOUR A/C FIXED," it figured it had a clever way to reach customers.

But when competitor All Year Cooling put up a billlboard  this summer claiming "YOUR WIFE IS NOT HOT! Because you called All Year Cooling to replace your A/C rather than the other guys," Air Around the Clock was hot with rage.

A lawsuit was filed in October, claiming trademark infringement. Things got heated.

"You know, if they wanted to try and go about it in a different way, and not take our design maybe it would have been different, but they did," Michael Lang, with Air Around the Clock, said in October.

Meredith Mendez, an attorney for All Year Cooling says her client put a clever spin on it.

"It's just fair competition and they're just mad we came up with a more clever slogan," Meredith Mendez, a lawyer for All Year Cooling, replied.

Butnow it looks like the two have settled their differences. It was announced yesterday that the two had reached an out-of-court agreement, thus ending the hotness debate.

A judge dismissed the lawsuit yesterday, and the details of the settlement aren't known.

So now it's up to you to determine your wife's hotness.

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