WATCH: Braddock High School Athlete Asks Girlfriend to Prom in Clever Way

A South Florida high school student found a clever way to ask his girlfriend to prom on their anniversary.

Chris Linares, an 18-year old football player at Braddock Senior High School created a banner that was held from the second floor of the school saying: "Today I experienced 4 years with you! May I also experience prom with you?" 

With the help of other students, the teen pulled out roses and got on one knee as balloons were dropped over them on Thursday.

The proposal was caught on camera by another student:

Linares said his girlfriend had no idea. “She broke down into tears and covered her face,” Linares told NBC 6.

The student said he planned the proposal three days ago with the help of his friends.

“I stayed at friend’s house for 7 hours preparing,” he said.

Shortly before he asked his girlfriend to prom, he got permission from a school official.

The 30-second video was trending in Miami and shared nearly 500 times

The couple met four years ago at a middle school football game. They plan on celebrating their four-year anniversary at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair Thursday evening.

Linares is currently waiting on test scores to see what university he attends, he ranked as South Florida's top wide receiever in 2014.

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