Britto Joins Miami's VIP DUI Probation Club

Artist Romero Britto has to catch a cab to his next exhibit because he can't drive

A celebrity charged with driving his Bentley while drunk in Miami gets no jail time.

Today's lucky contestant is international painter Romero Britto, who pleaded no contest to DUI charges in a Miami-Dade courtroom Tuesday and got out of jail time in favor of a six-month stint on probation and 100 hours of community service.

In the past few months, the DUI courts have been pretty lenient on local celebs including rapper Pitbull, Donte Stallworth and now Britto. For the record, Pitbull was driving a Mercedes and not a Bentley when he was pulled for having an above-the-limit alcohol level. Actor Jeffrey Donovan of "Burn Notice" fame could be added to the celebrity DUI club list soon after his arrest last month.

Britto was arrested in March while he drove erratically down Miami Beach. Police said the Brazilian artist's blood alcohol level was nearly double the legal threshold.

Britto's attorney said the artist accepts full responsibility and was grateful the police officer pulled him over before "something
tragic happened."

The judge also required Britto to reach in his pocket and pull out a crisp $1,000 bill and fork over his license for six months. That should give the artist plenty of time to get creative and paint canvasses of cars -- or work on a way to improve his celebrity position in the Dolphins VIP boardroom (we hear arrests are good for your street cred).

The judge also requires Britto to donate $25 to a local trauma center. Yes, a whole $25. Way to stick it to him, judge.

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