Chess Teacher Accused of Forcing Broward Child Into Inappropriate Contact During Lesson

A Deerfield Beach man in behind bars following a disturbing allegation of inappropriate contact with a young child.

Police arrested 65-year-old Valeriy Gorokhov late Wednesday night on one count of lewd and lascivious behavior on a child. According to the police report, Gorokhov is alleged to have forced a seven year old girl to touch his groin area while giving her a chess lesson.

The victim told family members that on May 19th, Gorokhov placed a shell in his pocket and asked for help in getting it out. He then allegedly placed her hand in his pocket and begin to rub on his penis before he went to the bathroom and took it out, giving it to the victim.

When questioned by police, Gorokhov said he does provide shells to students he tutors and does exercises with kids when they became tired from their lessons, claiming that any contact was accidental and he has never intentionally had a child touch him.

No bail has been set as Gorokhov awaits his first court appearance.

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