Cop Caught With Hand In The Pot Jar

Rookie on the force caught in an undercover operation with a bag of weed

Miami-Dade Police Officer Jesus Hernandez Jr. has rid the streets of drugs, weapons and dirty cash in his four years as a cop.

But not all of the money, drugs and guns have made it back to the station.

Hernandez was arrested Thursday night after cops found him with a bag of weed and about $1,000 in marked cash that he stole from an undercover informant he had just arrested. The informant was part of a sting to catch Hernandez in the act.

He is charged with grand theft, official misconduct and tampering with evidence for conduct his colleagues said had been suspected since he was hired to the force.

Several complaints about Hernandez have been filed with the department, claiming the 24-year old had stolen everything from $17,000 in cash to a zap gun. He was also investigated for his role in the shooting of a store clerk last year. Hernandez said he shot the man thinking he was a buglar.

Hernandez comes from a long a family of police officers. His father is a seargent in the department and supervises the special operations unit.

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