Coronavirus Pandemic has Many Families Rethinking Thanksgiving Plans

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As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the state, many people are rethinking how they will celebrate Thanksgiving.

Some have scaled down their plans because of the pandemic, and others are thinking about those in need.

Families stopped by the Las Olas Chabad Jewish Center to pick up turkeys for Thanksgiving, as people made plans to help others this holiday.

Dozens of turkeys were given out. Esti Florczak got one for her smaller Thanksgiving this year.

"Every family is in our own house family, so you’ll be on zoom with each other, but you’re not with each other, so it’s a little harder," Florczak said.

Some people won’t have any family to share the day with.

That’s why Moran Alfasi, founder of Holocaust Heroes Worldwide, stopped by to pick up turkeys for some seniors, including Holocaust survivors.

"A lot of them are going to be alone," Alfasi said. "They are seniors, they are 90 something years old, so this turkey actually gives them a feeling that somebody cares and thought about them during the holiday."

She’s using the holiday to think about others.

"We forget that even if it’s hard for ourselves, for seniors who are 98 or 93 years old, it’s even harder," she said. "Some of them couldn’t go out the house since I started, for eight months."

Families were given boxes of food that included side dishes as well, hoping it’ll help make 2020 a better year for some.

Suzy cronin was one of many people who waited in line.

"2020 has been lame," said Cronin. “It’s been really stressful for people, it seems like nobody has an outlet.”

She’s giving the food to a friend who runs a bakery.

"What she’s going to do is take the food and make a bunch of food out of it and meals and then give it away," Cronin said.

Others at the charity event said they’ll use this time to reflect on the year, and also give back when they can.

"This year more than anything we can really understand what it means to be grateful for all the things that we took for granted until now," said Alfasi.

Many people shared the message of helping others but staying safe while doing it.

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