South Florida

Couple Defrauds Man of $1.8M in Flipping Scheme

A South Florida couple is being accused of defrauding a man of $1.8 million in a house-flipping scheme.

Prosecutors say Vivian Rodriguez and Yovany Serna convinced the victim to buy cheap homes in need of repair and told him they would fix the homes to sell them at a higher price to make a large profit.

The couple would use the victim's money and say Serna would fix the properties and get them ready for sale, but prosecutors say the properties weren't even for sale in the first place.

The couple faces 28 counts of grand theft and 28 counts of organized fraud, prosecutors said.

The judge set a $55,000 bond for Rodriguez and an $82,000 bond for Serna. Both defendants also have to show the bond money is from a legitimate source before they can post. If they post bond, they would be on house arrest, and the judge also ordered them to stay away from the victim.

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