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Crews Continue Working to Repair Sewage Main Break in Fort Lauderdale Neighborhood

According to city officials, progress has been made

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Construction crews are still working tirelessly to repair a sewage main break that has spewed millions of gallons of sewage onto the streets of a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood. For seven straight days residents have had to deal with the mess.

Jamile Perez lives in the Rio Vista neighborhood. She says the situation has improved since last week.

"The problem was the smell," Perez says. "Last week was very bad but today is much better."

According to city officials, progress has been made.

They say three additional pumps were delivered to the site in order to divert the sewage off the streets.

And, on Sunday, parts to repair the pipe were delivered - sooner than expected.

Still, there are concerns of sewage affecting local waterways.

The city says 10 aerators are operating in the tarpon and new river to help improve water quality by increasing oxygen levels. The aerators will break down matter and help control the odor.

There is also an advisory for recreational activities in local waterways.

Fort Lauderdale officials ask residents and businesses to avoid swimming, fishing, kayaking, or any other water-related activities.

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