Crews Respond to Construction Site Accident in Miami

Miami Fire-Rescue responded to a fatal construction accident Wednesday afternoon.

It happened at the Biscayne Beach Condos located at 711 Northeast 29th Street.

According to MFR, a piece of equipment hoisted in the air from a crane somehow came loose and struck the worker, who was on the 37th floor.

Officials said the man died on the scene from his injuries.

Authorities said other construction workers witnessed the incident and tried to help. They said they had to bring in a Technical Rescue Team to bring the body down from the top of the building.

"Some of the areas are not accessible by elevator, so as a result, you have to take them down by stairs. But sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes we have to use the cranes to lower them down to the ground," said Capt. Ignatius Carroll with MFR.

Authorities are still investigating the cause, and looking into whether this was an accident or a faulty piece of machinery.

Family members have identified the victim as 29-year-old Rene Carrero. They said he has been working in construction for several years.

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