Crist and Regalado Pow Wow About Cash

Tomas Regalado will be sworn in on Wednesday

Florida's top elected official and Miami's "soon to be" top politician met at Miami International Airport on Monday morning to talk money and the future of the city.

Both Gov. Charlie Crist and Mayor-elect Tomas Regalado said the meeting was positive and could be the beginning of a powerful partnership.

"The whole focus of the meeting was to ask for his help,” said Tomas Regalado, the newly elected mayor set to be sworn in later this week. “He said we're going to work together so I am pleased with this meeting."

But cash money green wasn’t the only thing discussed during the impromptu meeting of the minds. The two also talked about renovating Miami Marine Stadium and improving local neighborhoods. The two also talked about public safety, which was a calling card of the Regalado campaign.

Regalado has already said he's interested in finding a new police chief for Miami to replace John Timoney, which could be one of the first items on his agenda as mayor.

“I wanted to sit down with the mayor and get an idea about things we can do together for the community," Crist said.

No word if a certain Fort Lauderdale attorney came up in discussions. But the key to all the improvements is more stimulus money being steered to the Magic City.

The governor emphasized that Miami's finances are on his radar.

"With the leadership of the mayor, things are going to be in a good place,” Crist said

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