Loon Doing Time for Threatening “CSI: Miami” Star

Unhinged woman who threatened David Caruso sentenced in Austria

"CSI: Miami" star David Caruso busts criminals with a dopey glare and one-liners that would make even the most pun-slinging hack comedian sick, but he needed help halfway around the globe to get a loony fan off his back.

Endless Caruso One-Liners

An Austrian court convicted a woman yesterday of threatening the red-headed TV cop and sentenced her to seven months in jail in a secure psychiatric unit. 

Prosecutors in the city of Innsbruck said the woman, identified only as Heidemarie S., became infatuated with Caruso and sent him over 100 letters asking for an autograph. When Caruso didn't fulfill her request, the unhinged Austrian sent him a death threat.

A court-appointed psychiatrist had testified that the woman, in her 40s, has a "profound personality disorder."

The woman's lawyer said they will appeal the ruling.

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