Dash-Cam Video Shows 3-Car Crash as Officer Responds to Dead Panther

There were no serious injuries sustained in the crash.

Dash-cam video released by the Collier County Sheriff's Office Friday shows a three-car crash that happened just after a deputy arrived to investigate a dead Florida panther on the road.

The video, obtained by the Naples Daily News, shows a dead panther in the middle lane of Interstate 75 near mile marker 111.

The driver who hit the cat, just at about 12:30 a.m. Thursday, stopped his pickup on the side of the road to shine his lights on the Panther, reported NDN.

When the deputy arrives, the video shows a few cars pass by in the left lane, but they are then struck by a semi-truck that couldn't slow down on time.

The people involved in the crash received only minor injuries, according to NDN.

The panther who was hit and killed prior to the crash was the first recorded panther death of 2014.

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