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Davie Father Fights For His Life After Being Shot

Sergio Medina has been in the hospital months after he was shot. His family and the police want answers.

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A South Florida father remains in the hospital fighting for his life four months after being shot.

Cellphone videos taken by his family show what Sergio Medina looked like before - celebrating his brother’s birthday and spending time with his 10-year-old son.  

But in November, everything changed for Sergio and his family.

“It’s very sad what really happened to him,” said his brother, Wilmer Medina, in an exclusive interview with NBC 6.

Sergio was shot just two days before Thanksgiving, on Nov. 23.

His brother told NBC 6 a brain injury is keeping him at Broward Health.

“My brother is not doing very well. He’s in a very critical situation in the hospital," he said.

In Spanish, his mother Esthela Perez expressed her heartbreak over what happened.

A photo the family shared with NBC 6 shows multiple bullet holes on the driver’s side and blood smeared across the side of Sergio’s vehicle.  

“It had to be somewhere close because he just literally drove himself with a gun wound,” Wilmer said.

Wilmer said once his brother got out of his car, he was able to make it up to a neighbor’s home in the complex where he lives in Davie. He said he knocked on the door and then collapsed.

“He arrived home about 11:30 p.m. and he was suffering from a gunshot wound,” Wilmer said.

Davie Police Detective Peter Patton told us what they have been able to piece together so far.

Patton told NBC 6 Sergio was working at his job on the beach in Sunny Isles and then stopped for fuel when heading towards Broward.  

“What happened after leaving that gas station and arriving home is the real mystery here,” Patton said. “He was unable to tell our officers what had happened to him or who had done this to him.”

Sergio’s brother said law enforcement technicians tracked his cellphone.

“There was a gap—a period of time where the tracing stopped. So, between, I would say 9:30 and 11 p.m. this happened,” Wilmer said. “It could be a road rage.”

NBC 6 asked David Police about that possibility.

“It’s an avenue we are pursuing. As far as the whole road incident thing, we are not too sure on that,” Patton told us.  

The detective said catching the person who shot Sergio may come down to a phone call.

“The tip can make or break the case,” Patton said. 

One thing is certain: a dangerous person is out there.

“Obviously, this is a very dangerous person who would do something like this because they clearly haven’t reported it to anybody and it meant that they are willing to do that to another human being,” Patton said.

In the meantime, the days are turning into weeks and now months for Sergio and his family.

“It hurts. It hurts,” his mother told NBC 6.

His brother called it, “a stab in the heart.”

Medina’s family and detectives in Davie are hoping someone comes forward with information about what happened to Sergio. If you know something, call Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-8477.

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