Dead Man Floats Up After Botched Burial At Sea

Man's body floats up after ocean funeral

The body that floated up near Port Everglades over the weekend belonged to a man whose family attempted to bury him at sea, the Broward Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

Before losing his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease on Sept. 8, 48-year-old Daniel Lasky's dying wish was to be drift out to sea, to be buried in the ocean he loved so much.

So his family wrapped up his body and traveled to South Florida from North Carolina to fulfill their relative's request.

They thought they did when several family members, including his wife, lowered Lasky's body overboard after a ceremony off of Fort Lauderdale Beach on Sept. 10.

But Lasky's body wasn't quite ready to swim with the fishes, and it re-surfaced the next day and was spotted by a startled fisherman who called the authorities.

It's unclear what will happen to the body now or if the family will be allowed to give the watery funeral a second try.

We might suggest dry land.

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