Dogs Suffering Mysterious Seizures in Miami Beach

Five dogs have been affected; three have died.

Concern is growing among dog owners in Miami Beach after several dogs have suffered mysterious and sometimes fatal seizures.

Last week, dog owner Lorenzo Ramos said he was having lunch at Las Olas Cafe on 6th Street and Euclid Avenue when his 2-year-old French bulldog started having a violent seizure.

"He was getting really stiff," Ramos said. "It felt like he was burning from the inside."

Ramos said his dog Rocco had walked into some bushes earlier on Euclid at 5th Street and had possibly eaten something from the bushes.

He took Rocco to Miami Beach Hospital on Alton Road where he died just an hour later.

"I really miss him a lot," Ramos said.

Another four dogs have become sick in the same area and two of those have also died.

While the cause of the seizures is still unknown, the City of Miami Beach is beginning to investigate. Police are now honing in on the 500 block of Euclid Avenue to see if anything in the area could be causing the dogs to become ill.

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