Electric Co. Fined For Guards Found Taking Power Naps

Miami's power supplier hit with $130K fine

Security guards at an electrical plant took the term power nap quite literally.

Now their employer has to pay for it.

Federal regulators fined FPL $130,000 after catching security guards sleeping on the job at the company's nuclear power plant at Turkey Point.

The six security guards, who were all contracted from a security company, were either caught snoozing or were caught trying to cover for the snoozers. Several of the guards were "lookouts" to make sure their colleagues weren't caught sleeping. The practice apparently  was commonplace for two years, from 2004 to 2006.

You'd think the combination of high terrorist alerts and the fact the guards were practically sitting on a bomb would be enough to keep a person awake.

Sure, looking at nuclear reactors and all those funny gages can get boring, but there must be a pot of coffee somewhere at the huge facility.

FPL, of course, fired the guards caught in the probe and have already paid the fine.

Good help can be so hard to find.

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