Fake Dates & Cursing: A Look At What Went Viral This Week

Woman Loses NASA Internship Over Profanity-Laced Tweet: Imagine landing your dream internship and then losing it – all because of what you posted on Twitter. That’s what happened to one person. A young woman who is being identified as Naomi posted a profanity-laced tweet when she found out that she got an internship at NASA. That’s when a man responded to her tweet and pointed out that she should watch her language. She then responded to him with yet another tweet with even more curse words. Only problem? She cursed out a member of the National Space Council which oversees NASA. The man later posted on his blog that he found out that she lost her offer for the internship. He went on to say that he replied to her tweet to warn her and had no influence over her losing the internship. Naomi has apologized and says she’s doing everything she can to get her internship back.

Cheetos Sues Peatos: PepsiCo, the company that owns Cheetos, has filed a lawsuit against the company who owns Peatos, a new, healthier cheesy snack. The lawsuit says that Peatos is confusingly similar to and diluted the Cheetos brand. The packaging for Peatos features a tiger on its packaging, and is made with seeds of beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils, whereas Cheetos are made with corn, artificial cheese and a bunch of other stuff that’s terrible for us – but makes it taste so good. Now we shall wait and see what happens next.

Miami Food Blogger Pranked by Sacha Baron-Cohen: Prankster Sacha Baron Cohen is back at it again. His new show, ‘Who is America?’ on Showtime is a political satire show. In the most recent episode, he plays a chef who just got out of prison and tests his culinary skills on Miami food blogger Bill Jilla, who ran Cohen’s prank started when he served beans on toast, which Jilly called “Incredible.” The prank went from 0 to 100 very quickly, so quickly, we’re not divulging those details on But let’s just say – it led to Jilla having to take down his website.

NYC Woman Tricks Over 200 Men Into First Date: And finally, dating apps are all the craze nowadays – at least they are for me. But one woman in New York City tricked at least 200 men into what they thought would be a first date, but turned out to be a social experiment. She explained to all the men that dating is hard – so having everyone meet up in one place might make it a little easier. She automatically eliminated all the men who didn’t meet her requirements, like men who had girlfriends, men who were shorter than 5’7”, men who were named Jimmy, along with other reasons. That’s when the games really begun – they were required to do push-ups and a series of other challenges. Ultimately, one man won a date with the woman. Dude, my advice to you: run.

There’s a look at what went viral this week. I’ll be back next week with more. Be sure to follow me on social media - @brandonlopeztv.

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