Family of Woman Killed in Boat Crash: “Nothing's Gonna Bring Her Back”

The family of a young woman who was one of four people killed in a Fourth of July boat crash off Dinner Key Marina say they're devastated by her loss.

Kelsie Karpiak, 24, was one of four people killed in the wreck near Coconut Grove Friday night.

"The only thing that matters is that my daughter's gone, and nothing's going to bring her back," her father Craig Karpiak said. "It doesn't matter. The investigation will be what it is, and what happened happened."

"She shouldn't have been there on that boat," Kelsie's mother Rosanna Karpiak said. "She was asleep on our couch, and she got asked to accompany a friend, and she lost her life that night, to try and help a friend."

Three boats were involved in the accident Friday, during a mad dash to dock after the fireworks shows. No charges have been filed, but the accident remains under investigation.

On the same boat as Kelsie were 23-year-old Andrew Garcia and Victoria "Tori" Dempsey, who were thrown overboard and killed after the boat they were riding in crashed into another vessel.

The fourth person who died, 23-year-old Jason Soleimani, was on another boat and was from New York. Another victim remains in a coma, with serious brain injuries.

"Our family is devastated, and there's three other families in this city that are devastated, also, all young kids, and that's all that matters," Craig Karpiak said.

On Monday, Kelsie was supposed to move back to Jacksonville to work in a dance company. Instead, her parents were grieving her loss.

"Before Kelsie moved to Jacksonville, as one more big hoorah and so they all went out on our boat," Rosanna Karpiak said.

"Life is short and as it is, and you have to be ready, and our daughter was ready," Rosanna Karpiak said. "She believed in Jesus, and she was saved, and I know that she's in heaven, and I know it because God has comforted my heart."

Friends and loved ones remembered the victims in posts and photographs on social media.

Kelsie's twin brother posted his grief on Instagram.

One person mourned Andrew in a post that read, "#RIP to my brother from another mother, my fishing buddie, my best friend."

"Never goodbye, just SEA ya later. #missyoualready," read a post Thursday that included an image of a post from Tori.

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