Family “Outraged” Over Autopsy Photo Allegedly Sent in Miami Beach PD Emails

Photos of Raymond Herisse's Autopsy Allegedly Sent by Officer Implicated in Miami Beach PD Email Scandal

The fallout continues over the investigation into how more than a dozen Miami Beach Police Department officers used their official email accounts to send racist and pornographic emails, as well as allegations that one of the former officers allegedly sent the autopsy photo of a man killed in a high profile case out to other officers and potentially the general public.

That man's family is outraged over what they have been told. Raymond Herisse's mother and sister are now shaking their heads over allegations that former Miami Beach Major Angel Vazquez took Herisse's autopsy photo and sent it out over the internet.

Herisse was killed by Miami Beach officers during the 2011 Memorial Day Weekend in an incident that was captured on cell phone video. The family's attorney Marwan Porter says his clients were too disgusted to speak on camera.

"That conduct is shocking to the conscious. It's extreme and outrageous. I am not surprised. I think that the conduct is consistent with the policies and practices that were acceptable in the Miami Beach Police Department during that particular time," said Porter.

Miami Beach police chief Dan Oates says the investigation continues as to whether Vazquez sent the photo to anyone in the general public. Vazquez, who left the force last summer, could face criminal charges.

"My message is from my perspective, former Major Vazquez engaged in disgraceful criminal behavior in releasing the photo. Obviously like any citizen and a representative of the organization, I regret that that occurred," Chief Oates said.

On Thursday, the state attorney said racially offensive emails and sexually explicit photos were circulating in the email accounts of Vazquez, former Lt. Alex Carulo who was terminated, and 14 other officers. Vazquez and Carulo were labeled as the ringleaders.

In one email exchange from former Major Vazquez to the then assistant police chief Ray Martinez, Vazquez says: "To brighten your day! Attached are images we can't show you of scantily clad women who are celebrities."

The former chief acknowledged receiving the emails to NBC 6's Jamie Guirola Thursday night.

"I received three of those emails in 2010 when I was the assistant chief and I remember receiving one of them and speaking to the Major and advising him to cease and desist those actions," Martinez said.

In another email exchange a woman, who is a civilian outside the police department, appears to indicate a racy image has been sent to Vazquez writing, "Its been sent. Hopefully it gets past your servers and to you."

Carulo's lawyer told NBC 6 he was the sacrificial lamb in all this and that the culture that existed here, in essence, condoned this activity. He says they plan to fight the termination.

NBC 6 has also attempted to contact Vazquez or his attorney, but they have not responded.

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