Family Stuck At Costa Rican Airport Due To Covid-19 Tests

Mother and 3 children stuck because of Covid-19 tests mix-up

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Luz Baker and her three children were traveling to Nicaragua on a much anticipated vacation, but when they made a stop in Costa Rica, they were not allowed to continue with their connecting flight.

Authorities there are not letting them continue on their journey because they didn't have their Covid-19 negative test results ready in time.

"I asked the security guy to you know show, call immigration. I have the proof that we all tested negative", Baker said.

Her husband, Ira Baker, is also trying to help from their home in North Miami Beach.

"Two hours after they were rejected at immigration, the tests came in," Ira Baker said. "And they won't look at them, and they won't let them go. They're sleeping on the floor in the airport, the guard goes with them to the bathroom, goes with them to the food court. They're not allowed to leave the airport."

Now, the family has to return to South Florida unable to continue with their vacation.

Travel experts say it's best to get Covid-19 test results before boarding a flight and make sure you carefully read the regulations of the country you're traveling to, so that you don't get stuck or have to cancel your plans.

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