FDLE Audit Reveals Roughly 7,400 Violations By Sweetwater Police

Officers with the Sweetwater Police Department could be facing serious trouble following the release of a new report.

Just a few months ago, the city's mayor asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to audit his city's police department.

Many people know Sweetwater has been plagued with corruption. The new mayor wanted an official review and he got it.

Sources told NBC 6 the FDLE found roughly 7,400 issues and violations inside the Sweetwater Police Department. Sources also confirmed roughly 19 missing guns and a lot of missing money.

The audit was ordered by Sweetwater's new mayor and chief of police. The mayor, elected three months ago, promised to uproot corruption and restore the public's trust.

The city's disgraced mayor, Manny Marono, was convicted of corruption charges, and the former chief of police stepped down under scrutiny from the feds.

Among the other FDLE findings revealed on Wednesday: administrative chaos, empty personnel files and a non-existent internal affairs department. The state also found severely outdated procedures.

The new administration's formula to fix the issues is transparency, professionalism and ethical standards.

The changes won't happen overnight. The new chief said this department has been infected with bad policing for 30 years, and this audit barely scratches the surface.

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