Florida Highway Patrol Troopers Providing Aid to Tampa Police in Search For Possible Serial Killer

As a Tampa neighborhood remains on guard following the shooting deaths of four people in the last six weeks, police in the city are going to get some help in their search.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers from across the state will be sent to the Seminoles Heights area starting Monday to help officers with their search as well as allowing Tampa Police the chance to send their officers to other areas of the city as well for normal duties, according to NBC affiliate WFLA-TV.

“That’s what people need to realize, we are intense in one neighborhood, but we have the rest of the city,” said the city’s Police Chief, Brian Dugan.

Dugan says the agency has gotten over 3,600 tips on the four murders that all have taken place in the same half mile area north of downtown.

Law enforcement agencies from across the state – as well as federal agents from the FBI and ATF – have been in the area to help in the search.

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