Lifeguard Towers on Hollywood Beach Up For Auction

If you’re in the market for a new lifeguard stand, then you may want to take a stroll on one of South Florida’s beaches and pick one out.

The city of Hollywood plans to spruce up its beaches by auctioning off 19 of its dilapidated lifeguard towers to the public as part of a multimillion-dollar redevelopment plan.

Twenty-one modern towers will replace those currently on the auction block.

“You never know what people are interested in,” said Hollywood official Raelin Storey. “But I think for a lifeguard stand, I’m not really sure. Maybe it is a treehouse. Maybe it is a fort. Maybe they have a huge yard and want to use it. Maybe it’s a piece of nostalgia for them.”

The existing, faded lifeguard stands have withstood 25 years of time and weather. They stand 14 feet tall and weigh between 3- to 6,000 pounds. The stands are not in great condition and lifeguards need new towers to operate out of to help maintain the safety of beachgoers.

One caveat the highest bidders must keep in mind is that they’ll have to remove the towers themselves, which Storey says requires heavy equipment and a lot of coordination.

The city has not yet set a minimum bid for the auction.

The new, stylish lifeguard towers are currently being installed on the beach.

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