Former Florida International University Dean Accused of Sexually Assaulting Student

A former dean at Florida International University is accused of sexually assaulting a female graduate student during a study abroad trip to Italy in December 2014.

The student, who filed a federal lawsuit seeking more than $75,000 in damages, claims then-associate dean Adam Drisin raped her after a night of drinking as the semester overseas was winding down.

"When parents send their kids to school, they send them for education, not to be exploited," said the student's attorney, Omar Malone.

According to Malone, Drisin invited three students back to his room after a night out in Italy and served them Bailey's. 

After passing out, the alleged victim woke up "totally naked" and had "no recollection" of what took place, until another student told her what had happened, according to the lawsuit.

Malone said the student reported the alleged assault to a professor, who then told the administration, where the case is still under review.

"A number of the students have given statements that are consistent with what we've alleged," Malone said.

Asked why the lawsuit was filed more than a year after the alleged incident, Malone emphasized the importance of being thorough.

"Anytime allegations such as this are raised, there's an extensive investigation that needs to take place," he explained.

Drisin, who graduated from Cornell and taught at Harvard before his tenure at FIU, has since left the university and is job hunting at colleges across the country.

He addressed the allegations in a text message to NBC 6, calling them unfounded and saying the truth will come out in court. 

"These allegations are totally false. This will all be proven to be a frivolous case. There is ample proof that will be presented to support a very different story," Drisin said.

An FIU spokesperson said the most important thing to the school is the health and safety of students. The university declined to comment specifically on the case, citing "pending proceedings."

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