From Stray to “Wizard of Oz” Play

The new Toto is a true rags to riches story

He's not in Kansas anymore or on the streets.

Clyde, a stray dog who used to roam the streets, is now the top dog in a Broward County musical. Sort of. Clyde plays Toto in a local production of "The Wizard of Oz," which is currently at the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre.

The shaggy terrier mix isn't a dead ringer for the original Toto, but once the dog gets on stage, you'd think you were really being whisked away by a twister to a magical land filled with witches and a fraudulent wizard. For Clyde, it has been a bit of a wild ride since being rescued by the Humane Society.

No one knows how long Clyde ran the streets but the pooch was eventually adopted in 2004 by the Light family who just so happens to boast a couple of budding young actors. So naturally, when David Light's two children landed parts in "The Wizard of Oz," Clyde came along for the ride.

A dog of few words, Clyde doesn't have any speaking or barking parts, but he is on the stage as much as almost any other character. He manages to steal a few scenes and doggy treats along the way. The real show starts after the production is over, when children get to take pictures and rub the four-legged rags to riches story.

For Clyde, there's no place like the stage.

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