Getaway Driver Caught Napping During Bank Heist

Police arrest man who was asleep in a car as his two buddies robbed a bank

First rule of bank robbing: make sure you have your morning cup of Joe before you get behind the wheel. Or screen your wheel man for narcolepsy.

Ricardo Barrios missed that instruction and was found sound asleep Sunday inside the getaway car of a botched bank robbery, Miami-Dade police said.

Barrios, 23, and two other friends were arrested outside of the Wachovia Bank near Lincoln Road and Alton Road at around 5:45 a.m. As Barrios was counting sheep, Oscar Montoya and Juan Hernandez broke into the bank through the front window, looking to count some cash.

The men didn't get any dollars because the bank was closed and the vault locked but they collected all the quarters, dimes and nickels they could fit in bags, police said.

When the men tried to escape, the weight of the coins weighed them down and they were easily apprehended by police. Both men were charged with burglary.

All the sirens and commotion didn't wake, Barrios, who police said was drunk and passed out in the getaway car parked right outside the bank. Maybe his buddies were just taking too long to get the job done.

Police think Barrios didn't know about his friends' plans to commit the heist, but there's no excuse for being caught asleep on a bank job.

We're sure the trio are getting plenty of Zs on those comfy cots in jail.

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