Good Samaritan Stops to Save Infant in Canal

The van crashed and fell into the canal

A Good Samaritan stopped to help to a family of three Tuesday after she saw a van inside a canal.

Alexandra Fernandez says she saw the van along NW 58th street and three people in the water.

She stopped to offer help and took the 1-year-old girl from the man who was holding the infant above the water.

Fernandez says she stopped because she is an aunt and has a niece about the same age.

One of the occupants of the van told that his son and granddaughter were in the van when they ended up in the water.

The man said a tractor trailer made a left turn in NW 74th Ave. and crashed into them causing the van to fall into the water.

His son opened the door and got the toddler out and held her up into the air. That’s when Fernandez stopped and grabbed the child.

The van landed on a rock, preventing it from sinking right away.

The infant was transported to the hospital for a check-up.

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