Hialeah Police Investigating Carjacking Involving Elderly Woman

Hialeah Police are looking for the suspects who they said carjacked and kidnapped a woman at a gas station before robbing her.

It happened near 78th Street and West 4th Avenue. According to witnesses, the victim is the mother of the gas station owner, and was getting ready to make a bank deposit moments before she was kidnapped.

Crime Scene Investigators collected evidence from the Chevrolet Silverado pickup after it was stolen and the elderly woman inside was kidnapped.

"A very courageous 73-year-old lady who went through a very, very big scare," said Carl Zogby with Hialeah Police.

According to police, around 11:40 a.m., a man jumped into the vehicle at a Hialeah Exxon gas station parked near the door. He drove off with a woman in the passenger seat, while her husband was inside the Food Mart. 

"She starts to struggle with this man. He's threatening her with a knife. He's struggling for her purse. He's able to grab some money she had on her center console," Zogby explained.

Investigators said about a block away, the carjacker then got into an awaiting vehicle with at least one accomplice. Once they fled, the elderly woman drove back alone in the Chevy truck to the gas station.

"She may have had a couple of thousand dollars on her, because they were going to make a deposit at that moment, or something to that effect at the bank. And we're also looking at that, if there's anybody who may have known and may have deliberately followed them," Zogby said.

The getaway vehicle, according to the victim, was possibly a Grey BMW sedan. If you know anything about this case, you're urged to call Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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