Hyatt Extreme Christmas Display Opens To Public Tonight

One of the largest Christmas light displays in Florida is scheduled to open to the public Friday night.

The Hyatt Extreme Christmas display – featuring more than 200,000 lights and a 20-foot Ferris wheel – is coming back to Plantation after being embroiled in a controversy with the city government in 2016. The city had claimed the expansive light display was a “nuisance,” according to a lawsuit.

Last October, a Broward judge ruled that the Hyatt family should be allowed to keep the massive display, despite the city saying the attraction was a nuisance and safety threat.

The attraction draws hundreds of onlookers each year and is a well-known family tradition for the Hyatts. Many Florida residents venture to the residential light display each year to enjoy the Christmas décor.

The home has made national and local headlines and has been featured in publications like Forbes magazine. The home is located at 11201 NW 14th St. in Plantation. For more information, click here.

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