Internet Calls Fashion Police on Dwyane Wade

Wade's capri pants got just as much scrutiny as his performance in Game 4 on Monday

Dwyane Wade has come under fire following the Miami Heat's Game 4 win over the Chicago Bulls on Monday night, but not for anything he did on the court.

On the telecast of Monday's game Wade was shown walking through the bowels of the United Center before the game in a decidedly different getup. Wade sported a double-breasted polka dot suit with pants hemmed almost halfway up his calves.

Wade and teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh fancy themselves to be fashion forward, but Monday's showing might have been a bad choice, based on the Internet's reaction. Facebook and Twitter flowed with less than positive takes on the pants.

By far the best quip (which too many people made to figure out who did it first) had to do with Chicago's diminutive point guard Nate Robinson. "Nate Robinson hasn't been the same since Dwyane Wade stole his pants," tweeted Frank Isola of the New York Daily News.

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Others asked if Wade borrowed the pants from girlfriend and actress Gabrielle Union. Wade had perhaps his worst game of the postseason, shooting 3 of 10 for only 6 points, but his pants earned him far more attention.

Monday night's outfit might not even be Wade's worst fashion offense. After Game 2 on Wednesday, he wore a multicolored floral jacket to the postgame press conference that was so loud he could not be heard at all when asking reporters' questions.

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