Florida Best State for Singles, Study Says

Although many Floridians looking for love may beg to differ, the Sunshine State has been ranked the best state for singles, according to a new study from WalletHub.

That’s right. The tedious task of swiping, tapping and clicking through multiple dating apps and websites may actually prove to be worthwhile, the analysis suggests.

According to the study, states were evaluated based on three key measures: dating economics, dating opportunities, and romance/fun.

The consensus? Florida offers plenty of ways for singles to mingle – and a larger dating pool to do so.

To measure “dating opportunities,” the study looked at the number of single adults living in a region, as well as online dating opportunities and participation. Overall “openness to relationships” was also measured.

The cost of common dating “go-to” items – i.e, beer and wine prices, movie prices, and even Starbucks Caffe Latte prices – were weighed under the “dating economics” category. Credit score and income also fell under this group.

The “romance and fun” category calculated number of restaurants, attractions, parks, music festivals and nightlife options in a specified region.

Each state was given a specific ranking based on how well they performed in each of the three categories. Florida ranked highest with an overall score of 68.11.

California snagged the number two spot with a score of 67.10. Texas, New York and Pennsylvania grabbed the third, fourth and fifth spots with scores of 65.82, 64.66 and 63.14, respectively.

Click here to read the full report.

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