Jersey Shore Banned From South Florida – Period!

Water park the latest to tell Jersey Shore to cast off

You know there is a black cloud over your production when a family water park tells you to kick rocks.

MTV's Jersey Shore has been turned down by just about every hot spot in Miami for filming and the latest to give the boisterous crew the boot was Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach, according to

It's not that local businesses find Snooki, JWoww and The Situation totally obnoxious and unbearable (which may be the case), but it's the contract MTV and producers want businesses to sign that is turning them off.

In short, the contract states the Jersey Shore cast can do whatever they want at your establishment, including berate customers or guests, tear up furniture, stand on DJ turntables, or urinate in drinks and pretty much anything else that you would deem terribly embarrassing and totally un-reality TV.

“Your actions and the actions of others displayed in the Project may be disparaging, embarrassing or of an otherwise unfavorable nature and may expose you, your business, your friends, your co-workers and/or your family to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation,” the contract reads, reports Page2Live.

Publicity for your business is cool and all, but do you really want to be publicly humiliated by a half-pint Italian for all of YouTube to see?

Here's a little more legal jargon for, "we can do what we want and you agree not to sue us."

“For dramatic purposes, (producers) may make certain misrepresentations to you and others. The Project may lead to emotional strains and pressures on you, your business, your friends, your co-workers and family," continues the contract.

Clubs on South Beach, which seemed ideal for the reality show, turned down the contract without flinching.

Eventually, it became the "in" thing to show The Situation the door like showing up to the club in a rented Bentley. We hear the Chuck E. Cheese mascot also ripped the contract to shreds. We kid, but wouldn't be surprised if it really happened. 

MTV has already announced the cast is moving back to Jersey, where the locals apparently didn't mind signing the "anything goes" contract.

That just won't fly in the 305. If you break it here, you buy it.

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