Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging North Miami Mayoral Election

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the election of the mayor of North Miami, but the man fighting the election says the battle isn't over.

On Saturday, Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto dismissed the lawsuit against Mayor Lucie Tondreau, who had been accused of not living in the city for at least one year before the election.

The lawsuit had been filed by former North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns, who lost a runoff election in June with Tondreau. Burns had claimed Tondreau wasn't qualified to run and sought to replace her.

But Judge Cueto ruled that the challenge wasn't made until Tondreau was elected and sworn into office, rather than when she was just a candidate.

In a statement Sunday, City spokeswoman Pam Solomon said the ruling shows the election "was free and fair and validates that Mayor Tondreau is the rightful mayor of the City.

"In response to the ruling, Mayor Tondreau indicated she 'is ecstatic that the courts have ruled that the election was fair.  I have been elected by the people of our city to provide leadership for all of our residents and businesses.'"

Burns said Sunday that he plans to file an appeal.

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