Van Dyke Café to Close in Miami Beach

A legendary Miami Beach restaurant will soon be closing its doors.

The Van Dyke Café, located at 846 Lincoln Road, will close due to rising real estate costs.

“At this moment, there is no official closing date for the legendary Van Dyke Café but we will have more information by the end of January,” Van Dyke Café confirmed on Twitter.

The popular café is known for its live music, late night food, drinks and Sunday brunch.

A retail store is expected to replace the restaurant.

It's house in the Van Dyke building, which developer Carl Fisher built in 1924, according to the Miami Herald.

A subsidiary of Crown Acquisitions of New York bought the building for $16 million last summer, the newspaper reported. In an October interview with the Herald, Van Dyke co-owner Graziano Sbroggio said the cafe and other Lincoln Road restaurants he co-owns had good leases.

But local restaurant proprietor John Kunkel indicated on Twitter that he thought the Van Dyke Cafe's closing was inevitable.

“Had to happen no restaurant can afford $300 per sqft! That’s right 300++ a sqft on Lincoln Rd,” wrote Kunkel, who owns Khong River House and Yardbird near Lincoln Road.

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