Local Florists Show Gratitude for Healthcare Workers with Colorful Display

NBC Universal, Inc.

Healthcare workers at Jackson Memorial Hospital stopped to smell the roses while coming into work on Monday, as local florists honored the men and women who have been on the frontline of the pandemic.

The floral artists say the colorful displays are meant to bring some positivity during turbulent times.

“Flowers are with us throughout our entire lives,” Deborah De La Flor with Florida’s State Florist Association said. “From the very beginning, until the time of our passing, through all kinds of trials and tribulations, and triumphs.”

Corridors at Jackson Memorial were filled with flowers, offering a mental break for many workers.

“We’ve come together as florists and created this beautiful installation that will make all those who enter feel better just by seeing flowers and the glory of them,” De La Flor said.

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