Man Drowns Riding Jet Ski in Northwest Miami-Dade: Police

Man wasn't wearing life jacket when he fell off jet ski, tried to swim to it: Police

Authorities found the body of a man who is believed to have drowned while riding a jet ski in northwest Miami-Dade Thursday.

Adam Quiles, 49, was riding the jet ski in a lake in the 19400 block of Northwest 48th Court when he fell into the water around 7 p.m.

His body was found just before noon Friday.

"He did make an attempt to swim back to the personal watercraft and unfortunately was unsuccessful," Miami-Dade Police spokeswoman Robin Pinkard said.

Before he disappeared under the water, Quiles was seen trying to swim after the watercraft. He wasn't wearing a life jacket, police said.

"I already accept the fact that he's dead. I honestly, I'm realistic about it," son Brandon Quiles said.

He said his father was a military man, healthy and usually careful in the water. He said he saw him bobbing in and out of the water, struggling, and did his best to reach him.

"My dad passed away right in front of my eyes and I wasn't strong enough, I couldn't save him," Brandon Quiles said. "He put his hands up and then when he called my name 'Brandon, Brandon' and then I look over and he's going in and under and I swim fast, but it wasn't fast enough and dad went under and I was like out there for an hour and then the scuba divers came, the police came and they came, firefighters, came for an hour."

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