Man Fights Suspicious SunPass Toll Charges

Steven Shulman has been driving the same SUV with North Carolina plates for several years. That's the reason why he was surprised when he saw a string of charges associated with a white sedan with Florida plates pop up on his SunPass account.

The charges were from toll plazas in Central Florida, dating back to at least March of 2019. He told NBC 6 Responds as soon as he noticed the charges, he contacted SunPass.

"And I said, here's my story," he said. "And they said, we'll get back to you in a few days, let us research it."

But when several months passed and he didn't hear back, Steven said he decided to call NBC 6 Responds. He said shortly after hearing from the NBC 6 Responds team, SunPass reached out to him. He said a SunPass representative apologized for the error and told him the mix-up may have been related to a car he rented a few years back or an issue with a third-party billing system. Still, he was issued a refund for $59.64.

"A big thank you," he said after the issue had been resolved.

He also said he'll be playing closer attention to the charges on his SunPass account, to make sure he identifies any potential problems early.

"Once it's taken, unless you fight and try to determine that it's erroneous, they're going to keep on taking it," he said. "So you've got to be aware."

Due to their privacy policy, SunPass told NBC 6 Responds they could not go into details about Steven's case. But a representative did say there are a number of ways customers can dispute a charge on their SunPass account. You can go online and file a dispute on SunPass.com or dispute it on the SunPass app. You can also walk into any of the SunPass service centers around the state or call 1-888-TOLL-FLA. To expedite the process, SunPass said consumers should have all of their paperwork and details with them, including their account and invoice numbers.

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