Man Gets Medieval on Police

A hotel room, a battle axe and a long sword made for an interesting time for one trooper

Cops are used to dodging bullets. Call it an occupational hazard.

But a team of Panama City officers had to avoid getting their heads chopped off by a battle axe.

A man holed up in his lair - a motel room - chucked knives and a battle axe at the police after they responded to a call from the hotel's staff.

The staff warned police the guest had been acting strange, but no one knew he had went medieval.

After playing death dodge ball with knives and the axe, police finally confronted the guest, Terrence Croskery, who pulled out his last line of defense - a long sword.

Croskery then locked himself in the bathroom like any brave knight would do. Police tried to negotiate, but then it got silence.

When police finally stormed the castle, Croskery was out cold on the floor.

They took the fallen knight to the dungeon, errr, jail.

Croskery was charged with assault on a police officer.

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