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Marco Rubio Urges Fellow Cuban-Americans to Turn Out at Rally in West Miami

GOP presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, speaking in English and Spanish at a hometown rally in West Miami, is urging his most loyal supporters to vote and to bring their friends to the polls Tuesday.

The Florida senator made it clear Monday night he needs his fellow Cuban-American Republicans to vote for him to help defeat GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Trump's lead in Florida, according to recent polls, is in double digits.

Speaking through a weak-sounding bullhorn, Rubio did not deny the daunting task ahead.

"If this community doesn't vote tomorrow in historic numbers, I'm not sure I'm going to win," Rubio told the crowd in Spanish.

The West Miami audience cheered on as Rubio talked about a White House kitchen filled with croquetas, cafecito, and a caja china to roast a pig.

"I think he can pull it off. If there's anyone that can pull it off it will be Marco Rubio," supporter Luis Valverde said.

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