Marlins Bring Back Strict Facial Hair Policy

The Marlins have banned all facial hair for the first time since the 2006 season

The Miami Marlins have put in place a strict policy against all facial hair on their players beginning this season.

This is not the first time that the organization has taken a step like this, but facial hair had been allowed for most of the past decade. The team at times loosened the restrictions of the hair, which over time turned into full-on beards on some players. The last time that the Marlins had a full ban on facial hair was under Joe Girardi in 2006.

With new manager Don Mattingly in the dugout, this move is not much of a shock. Like Girardi, Mattingly played with the New York Yankees who are well known for facial hair policies. MLB teams vary on their rules for facial hair with some known for allowing anything such as the Boston Red Sox.

Mike Dunn who donned a beard for parts of the 2015 season knows the Yankees policy well as he made his Major League debut for the Bronx Bombers. 

"No facial hair is what it is," Dunn told "I came up with the Yankees. Just happens to be that was the last time I took a razor to the face. "We're trying to establish a new beginning and just go with it. You come in every year knowing what it's going to be."

Not all the Marlins had facial hair in 2015, but several did and at different lengths. Ichiro Suzuki had a moderate amount of hair on his face at times. Like Dunn however, Suzuki is well accustomed to the policy after spending time in New York himself.

The policy change will also have an effect on staff ace Jose Fernandez who had a trimmed but noticeable presence of facial hair in 2015. Fernandez has also gone with a clean shaven look during his career at times.

The most important thing from a managerial standpoint is consistency. Mattingly let it be known that he wants the new policy to remain the policy.

"What do we want?" Mattingly said. "Whatever we want, let's do it and leave it. We can't have a guy we bring in do this, and then we're like, 'We'll do it now.' Then you go back the next year. Let's get what we want and set it."

The Marlins and their clean shaven faces are currently working out in Jupiter at Roger Dean Stadium. Miami will host the Miami Hurricanes on March 1st in its first game action of 2016.

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