Marlins' Samson Confirms Sale of Team to Jeter Group

Marlins president David Samson confirmed that the team has come to an agreement on a sale

Miami Marlins president David Samson confirmed that the team has reached a sales agreement with a group that includes Derek Jeter.

The deal which had been reported on Friday, is worth $1.2 billion and it includes a number of investors along with Jeter. Bruce Sherman is considered the largest investor in the deal and would have the title of managing partner. Jeter will run the baseball and business operations departments.

"I've gotten to know him through this process," Samson said. "He's an incredibly interesting, articulate, smart, contemplative individual. Forget about Hall of Famer, it's not about that, it's about his ability to run a team and his desire to run a team, and it just came through so clearly what he wanted," Samson said of Jeter.

In addition to Sherman and Jeter, NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan has reportedly invested in the team. Jordan is considered a minority investor, but he brings with him a ton of experience. The legendary player has owned the Charlotte Bobcats for several seasons.

Samson is under contract with the team, but it could still opt to go in a different direction.

"I have been here since 2002," Samson said. "I love it here. I would love to stay here. ... If Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter would like me to serve, then it's something I would certainly talk about," said Samson.

Jeter, Sherman and the rest of the group will inherit a ballclub with plenty of questions and large contracts. There could be moves made this off-season, if the ownership group is approved by Major League Baseball. That vote is expected to take place in September and the deal could be finalized in October.

"We feel really good. It was very important from Jeffrey's standpoint that there was an ownership group that had not just connections to Miami, but an understanding of what it means to be here in Miami and run a team like the Miami Marlins, and all the possibilities that come with being in a great city like ours," added Samson.

The Marlins are not contending for a playoff spot currently, but could be a playoff team next season with the right additions. It appears that Jeter and his group will have a chance to work on the roster all off-season long.

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