Massive Dead Alligator Hoisted from SW Florida Drain

A southwest Florida woman made a shocking discovery inside a drain on her property: the body of a massive 12-foot-long alligator.

According to NBC affiliate WBBH, Mary Oliver noticed an unusually high number of flies invading the front of her Cape Coral home. Upon further inspection, she spotted the alligator's body in the drain.

Even though it was dead, Oliver says she immediately ran back to her house in shock.

"I said 'oh my god it's an alligator,' and took off running to the house," Oliver told WBBH. "We thought it would be like 3 or 4 feet but no, it was humongous."

Officials with the Cape Coral Public Works Department needed a crane in order to hoist the alligator from the drain.

It is not immediately clear how the alligator died.

Though Oliver's home is near a canal, she says this is her first alligator encounter.

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